Nixa Missouri was founded on June 10th 1902 with history roots that go back to the mid 1800s. There are two stories of how the city of Nixa got its name and some say that both stories are true. Most think that the city was named after a local blacksmith, Nicholas A. Inman, who settled in the area in 1852. He was one of the city’s early civic leaders. Others say that during a town meeting Frank Counter (from German descent and a local at the time) said that the town was just “Nix”, a German slang word for nothing. That’s when they decided to use both suggestions. “Nix” and Inman’s middle initial “A” came together, then the name Nixa was born.

When the first European trappers and hunters entered the Southwest Missouri region in the early 1800s, the Christian County area, where Nixa is located, was occupied by the Osage Indians. The region passed from the control of the Osage to the Spanish and French until it became a territory of the United States through the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. James Coin, a blacksmith, was the first person to reside in Nixa because it was along the Wilderness Road that lead from Harrison, Arkansas to Springfield, Missouri. Nixa developed at the intersection of the Wilderness Road leading south from Springfield and a road leading west (currently Missouri Highway 14) from the Ozark area. Clever developed as a trading post along the Old Wire road, a main road west of the Mississippi River running from St. Louis to the southwest United States. Nixa soon became a popular stopover/crossroads site. People coming and going needed work done on their wagons when passing through, making it a convenient place for blacksmiths to settle. Over the years the city began to grow.